Kombucha Brewing Klass

Love kombucha? Wish it were cheaper? Scared to make it? I gotcha covered!

Despite reading about the benefits of fermented foods and beverages, it took me over a decade to actually consume one and the very first ferment I tried was kombucha, a fermented black tea dubbed the immortal health elixir.

This tangy, bubbly beverage tasted delicious and felt great going down my throat. I was hooked right away and started to drink it daily.

Within a few weeks I noticed drinking kombucha improved my digestion, curbed my craving for beer, rid my intestines of a 20 year candida yeast overgrowth and increased my energy – like I would go outside and play basketball which I hadn’t done since I was a teenager!***

The hit to my budget however was less than amazing. I was spending about $100 per month ($1200+ per year) just on kombucha for myself. Then my daughter started to drink it, then my husband started to drink it and then my son started to drink it. I was elated, especially since I secretly knew how much goodness they were consuming, but yikes to $16 per day for kombucha!

I can always justify spending money on food or beverages that promote health, vitality and longevity because I know it will help me save on health care, especially when I’m older, but $400 per month to keep my whole family supplied with kombucha was becoming difficult to juggle.

Yet every time I stopped buying kombucha and went without it for more than 3 days (all to save a few bucks) common illness would sweep through the household.

Then, my sister came to visit and she brought me supplies that I didn’t have and the rest of the supplies I already had on hand. Right there, in my kitchen, she taught me how to brew and bottle kombucha for about 25¢ per bottle.

Once I got the hang of it I found that by spending just 1 hour or less per week I could brew enough kombucha for the whole family!

I had a few failures. Mold on batches. Neglect turned a few batches into kombucha vinegar, too sour to drink. I dealt with a fruit fly infestation. I spent hours researching kombucha information on the internet, testing the advice out in my own kitchen, figuring out what to do and what not to do.

The truth is once I sifted and sorted through all of the advice and techniques, brewing kombucha at home was pretty simple.

My kombucha home brew tastes better than brands found in stores, takes just 1 hour or less per week to make and costs me less than 25¢ per bottle.

I can teach you how to easily and cost effectively brew delicious kombucha too.

Hi, I’m Grace Benkovitz, Wellness Educator.

9 years ago I had a vision. I wanted to teach people to improve their health, vitality and longevity. A few years prior to that I had completely revamped what my young son and I ate and our health improved dramatically, and pretty quickly. Seasonal allergies and chronic infections disappeared and I went from a size 12 to a size 4 in about 8 months without trying to lose weight.

To say I became fanatical about real food is a bit of an understatement. I went back to school, earned a Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition and then was stuck... I was helping a few people improve their health, but I didn't know how to effectively get my message across or via what platform.

I relocated back to rural upstate NY and started a blended family. In need of an income, I went to work at a leading forklift manufacturer as the assistant to the EVP of HR. I asked if I could write and teach health classes to my colleagues and he said yes. Optimal Health with Grace was born!

The classes went better than I ever imagined and the attendees just kept asking for more classes and more information.

So I took a leap of faith and left the corporate cube farm to teach in person and online classes and here I am, Grace Benkovitz, Wellness Educator.

Let me be your Kombucha Brewing guide.

I’ve combed through all of the available kombucha information and really there’s just a fraction of it that is any good. Let me save you precious time and money and provide all of the information needed to get it right the first time and make your kombucha brewing experience FUN and SUCCESSFUL!

I can provide you with personal support and guidance needed throughout the first few weeks of brewing and beyond.

That’s right, with the optional VIP package you can contact me directly via email or text for support and guidance during your first few brews.

Common questions about kombucha brewing:

  • I’ve made kombucha before and it doesn’t work.

    Let me guess, you bought a dehydrated SCOBY?…Dehydrated SCOBY’s are notorious for mold and a too vinegary to drink taste. Kombucha microbes do not do well under the circumstances of dehydration. Unfortunately, dehydration seems to be the most popular way to sell a SCOBY, but it’s definitely not in the customer’s best interest.
    I’ll tell you a secret, the SCOBY is not even the most important part to successfully brewing great tasting kombucha. I sometimes brew kombucha without using a SCOBY at all.

  • I’m sure there’s some fancy equipment or kitchen gadget needed to brew kombucha. I hate finding space for all of these kitchen gadgets!

    Guess what? There are no gadgets or special equipment needed to brew kombucha! I will send you a detailed list of the necessary supplies and where to purchase the supplies you don’t already have on hand.

  • I don’t have extra time in my schedule to make dinner, let alone kombucha.

    Brew enough kombucha for a few people in just 1 hour or less per week with the batch method and 30 minutes or less with the continuous brew method.

    I used to think I didn’t have time to do things until the Bravo Network along with cable television were ripped out of my life. Suddenly I found at least 10 extra hours per week. (Okay, more like 20 hours per week!)

    My whole family drinks kombucha and it makes me happy to know that a little time spent keeps them energetic and healthy. Essentially, the short 1 hour time investment compounds over time with a healthy, happy, helpful household.

  • I don’t know how to cook anything. I’m not very good in the kitchen.

    Good news, boiling water is the only culinary skill you’ll need to brew kombucha at home!

    I have been baking and cooking since I was in elementary school and kombucha is by far one of the easiest things I’ve learned to make in the kitchen.


Let me guide you as you embark on the art of fermentation and learn to easily brew delicious, cost effective kombucha at home. Not only will I teach you how to brew kombucha, I will also provide personal support through your first few batches.

Benefits of Brewing Kombucha at Home

  • Better Flavor
    I find that at home techniques and ingredients lend to better tasting kombucha than what is available in stores.

  • Fizz Control
    I drink kombucha with no fizz all the way to overflowing with bubbles kombucha. When you make your own kombucha, you can control the fizz. Oh, and of course I’ll provide you with the best tips to get good fizz.

  • Food Budget Savings
    I save thousands of dollars a year by brewing kombucha at home for my family.

  • Never Run Out of Kombucha Again
    I’ll let you in on a secret, kombucha works wonders on a hangover. By brewing kombucha at home, we almost always have kombucha on hand. I’ll tell you another secret, kombucha is one of my favorite mixers to use in cocktails!

Here’s your chance to purchase the online Kombucha Brewing Klass Today

When you enroll in the online Kombucha Brewing Klass at the exclusive pre-sale price today, here’s what you’ll get:

  • Detailed list of kombucha brewing supplies to gather (and where to get them). You’ll have time to choose your supplies so that when the access to the Kombucha Brewing Klass lands in your inbox you’ll be ready to get brewing immediately.

  • Access to the 90 minute Kombucha Brewing Klass on Friday January 25th, delivered to your email inbox.

  • Watch as you brew. This Kombucha Brewing Klass is designed to work as well on your mobile phone or tablet as it does on the computer so that you can view the klass in your kitchen while simultaneously making your own batch at home.

  • Who has the time to sort through all of the available kombucha brewing information on the internet and experiment to compile the good, the bad and the downright ugly? I did!! Now let me save you time and heartache over kombucha batches gone wrong by teaching you the robust information and always explaining the why.

  • Tips and tricks to attain your ideal fizz and flavor.

  • This Kombucha Brewing Klass teaches both the continuous brew and the batch brew methods. Did you even know there are two methods of kombucha brewing? I use both concurrently and lots of households prefer the continuous brew method over batch. I’ll give you the ins and outs of both so you can choose which is best for your family.

  • VIP After Klass Support (optional purchase). If you purchase this option you can send me photos of your kombucha during the brew process as some colors and forms can look off. I will give you my opinion and advice on the situation. If you get mold on your first batch and followed all of my instructions exactly, I will send you a new SCOBY and starter tea. Ah hell, even if you missed one of my steps, I’ll still likely replace them as passing around the art of fermentation is one of passions!

Lock in this exclusive pre-sale price*. Choose either the Basic or VIP option and click ENROLL NOW at the top of this page.

*This pre-sale price is good only through midnight on January 24, 2019. Once the Kombucha Brewing Klass is launched on Friday, January 25, 2019 the price will go up, guaranteed.

**100% Risk Free!

I am absolutely positive that you will successfully enjoy brewing kombucha that I’m going to do something crazy and give you 45 days (from the date the Kombucha Brewing Klass is sent to your email inbox) to request a refund. All you need to do is contact me by email and show me that you brewed kombucha via the steps I have outlined and it was a miserable failure and I will refund you every dollar.

***Results vary per person. These are my results and may be different than yours. 

Course Syllabus

History & Health Benefits

A brief history lesson on kombucha, the immortal health elixir, that has been around since before Christ. Learn about other fermented foods & beverages (no fermented does not mean rotten, is your wine or beer rotten?...) and how can consuming them can help prevent illness & disease.

How to Brew Kombucha

Learn how to first ferment (1F), second ferment (2F) using both the batch and continuous brew methods.

Kombucha Fun!

I'll give you my kombucha cosmopolitan recipes!
I had heard of kombucha but never tried it. I kept reading Grace’s Facebook posts about it so I reached out to inquire if she thought kombucha would help tame tummy troubles that had bothered me for many years. Grace suggested specific brands to try that she knew most people find tasty. She was right, I loved the taste, the bubbles and the way it helped my digestion. I knew Grace taught Kombucha Brewing Klasses but I live over 700 miles and 4 states away! So…I asked Grace if she would virtually teach me how to make kombucha and she agreed. When I first received my SCOBY, I was so afraid of ruining it. But through Grace’s virtual class, my first batch turned out amazing! She was always there whenever I had a question (and I was like a 3 year old asking a lot of them!) She helped me through all of the processes; the brewing, bottling, and even flavoring! (By the way, pineapple cayenne is my favorite). I was able to send her pictures and videos with my questions and she was always quick to respond to all of my quandaries and questions. With Grace’s guidance and coaching, I now have a great kombucha drink and no more tummy troubles! Bonus that I rarely catch sicknesses that are passed around at work and if I do, it’s because I haven’t drank any in a while… — Katie Ives, Financial Advisor