Kombucha Brewing with Grace

Love kombucha? Wish it were cheaper? Scared to make it? I gotcha covered!

I remember when my sister suggested that she could teach me how to brew kombucha. I really wanted to learn but I was scared!

I was drinking kombucha every day and some of my other family members were drinking it too. At nearly $4 per bottle, the cost was adding up and my budget was taking quite a hit. Yet when I stopped drinking kombucha to save money, I would get sick.

My biggest concern was that I would mess something up and make myself and my family ill. I wasn’t familiar with fermenting and it seemed difficult and daunting.

I finally agreed to let my sister teach me and I quickly found out that kombucha is very safe and easy to make!

Kombucha is an aerobic ferment, meaning it needs oxygen in order to do its thing. The only enemy of kombucha is mold. If mold does grow on kombucha, it is always visible. Everything is simply tossed and a new batch is started with a new SCOBY and starter tea.

Vegetable ferments like sauerkraut or pickles are anaerobic ferments, meaning there is no oxygen present during fermentation. Anaerobic fermentation requires more experience and knowledge as microorganisms like botulism only grow in anaerobic environments.

Speaking of SCOBY’s, I was also a little nervous about this blob thing that was alive and referred to as The Mother. I learned that the blob…aka SCOBY…aka The Mother was actually layers of dead yeasts and bacteria which acts like a sponge and holds a lot of kombucha microbes.  

My sister taught me how to brew kombucha and then answered my 52 questions during my first few brews. The most difficult part of kombucha brewing turned out to be boiling water and sanitizing everything properly, which was actually pretty easy!

Now I have been brewing kombucha for more than 5 years and have taught hundreds of others how to successfully brew kombucha on their own.

Hi, I’m Grace Benkovitz, Wellness Educator.

Many years ago I completely revamped what my young son and I ate and our health improved dramatically, and pretty quickly. Seasonal allergies and chronic infections disappeared and I went from a size 12 to a size 4 in about 8 months without trying to lose weight.

To say I became fanatical about real food is a bit of an understatement. I went back to school, earned a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and then relocated back to rural upstate NY and started a blended family. In need of an income, I went to work at a leading forklift manufacturer where I used my education and experience as a corporate instructional designer to write health classes and deliver them to my colleagues.

Optimal Health with Grace was born!

The classes went better than I ever imagined and the participants just kept asking for more classes and more information. So I started teaching classes outside of my corporate job and Kombucha Brewing with Grace was the first class I created.

Eventually I took a leap of faith and left the corporate world to teach wellness classes in person and online. I also coach clients 1:1.

I am so excited to have turned Kombucha Brewing with Grace into an online course so that I can help even more people learn how to brew kombucha at home.


Many people hesitate to start brewing kombucha at home because they are not sure what supplies are needed or where to get them. The initial investment of supplies will cost about $45 and after that, you should only need to replenish tea and sugar.

When you purchase Kombucha Brewing with Grace, you will receive an email that will tell you exactly where to find the best supplies but briefly all that is needed is:

  • SCOBY (aka The Mother) and starter tea
  • 1- 1 gallon glass jar
  • Black tea
  • White sugar
  • Coffee filter or a piece of cotton cloth & rubber band
  • White distilled vinegar
  • Filtered or well water. **It is very important to use water that does not have any chlorine.
  • 6-7 empty kombucha bottles with the caps or Grolsch beer bottles
  • Pot to heat water
  • 1 cup measuring cup
  • Large spoon to dissolve the sugar
  • Funnel for the second ferment

Yes, there is plenty of free information on the internet which you can use to teach yourself how to brew kombucha on your own. But if it weren’t for my sister’s detailed guidance while making my first batch and her support in the weeks after I started brewing, I probably would have quit or never even started in the first place.

Let me be your guide as you embark on the art of fermentation and learn to easily brew delicious, cost effective kombucha at home. Not only will I teach you how to brew kombucha, I will also provide personal support through your first few batches.

Benefits of brewing your own kombucha:

  • Better Flavor
    When you brew kombucha at home, you can control the brewing techniques and ingredients which often yield better tasting kombucha than what is available in stores.

  • Fizz Control
    Some people don’t like the fizz in kombucha and when you make it at home, you control the amount of fizz. Oh, and of course if you like the fizz, I’ll teach you how to get good fizz, every time.

  • Food Budget Savings
    Save thousands of dollars every year by brewing kombucha at home for your family.

  • Never Run Out of Kombucha
    When you brew kombucha at home, you can always have some on hand to cure that hangover, use as a cocktail mixer and of course, to prevent and lessen the intensity of commonly spread illnesses.

Don’t wait any longer, scroll up to the top and enroll in Kombucha Brewing with Grace TODAY!

100% Risk Free!

I am absolutely positive that Kombucha Brewing with Grace will teach you to successfully brew kombucha that I’m going to do something crazy and give you 45 days from the date of purchase to request a refund. All you need to do is contact me by email and show me that you brewed kombucha via the steps I have outlined and it was a miserable failure and I will refund you every dollar.

Course Syllabus

History & Health Benefits

A brief history lesson on kombucha, the immortal health elixir, that has been around since before Christ. Learn about other fermented foods & beverages and how consuming them can help prevent illness & disease.

How to Brew Kombucha

Learn how to first ferment (1F) and second ferment (2F) kombucha using both the batch and continuous brew methods.

Kombucha Fun!

Learn how to make delicious Kombucha Cosmopolitans and other Kombucha cocktails!
I had heard of kombucha but never tried it. I kept reading Grace’s Facebook posts about it so I reached out to inquire if she thought kombucha would help tame tummy troubles that had bothered me for many years. Grace suggested specific brands to try that she knew most people find tasty. She was right, I loved the taste, the bubbles and the way it helped my digestion. I knew Grace taught Kombucha Brewing Klasses but I live over 700 miles and 4 states away! So…I asked Grace if she would virtually teach me how to make kombucha and she agreed. When I first received my SCOBY, I was so afraid of ruining it. But through Grace’s virtual class, my first batch turned out amazing! She was always there whenever I had a question (and I was like a 3 year old asking a lot of them!) She helped me through all of the processes; the brewing, bottling, and even flavoring! (By the way, pineapple cayenne is my favorite). I was able to send her pictures and videos with my questions and she was always quick to respond to all of my quandaries and questions. With Grace’s guidance and coaching, I now have a great kombucha drink and no more tummy troubles! Bonus that I rarely catch sicknesses that are passed around at work and if I do, it’s because I haven’t drank any in a while… — Katie Ives, Financial Advisor