Optimal Health with Grace VIP Masterclass Series

combining traditional wisdom with robust modern day science

Food, weight loss and health advice have become so convoluted. For every research article, anyone can find 10 others opposing the results. There is too much focus on minutia like specific nutrients and not enough focus on the whole picture.

Symptoms like weight gain, obesity and cholesterol are treated as the problem instead of finding the root cause. It’s like blaming a band aid for causing the wound it is covering.

Do you look at people who easily make food choices every day that replenish their energy and promote wellness and think ‘I don’t know how they do it?’ You’re diligently counting points and trying to lose weight but what does come off, goes right back on.


The program is the problem, it is designed to keep you on the program.

Mainstream health and food advice is the problem. The processed food industry has too much control over government food guidelines & regulations as well as media exposure.

There is something drastically wrong with health in the US and I am on a mission to correct that.

Over the past 14 years I have been learning, experimenting and researching and now I am teaching all I know. Traditional practice holds more wisdom than some of our modern day scientists have in their pinky finger. Yes, some science is absolutely terrific and amazing (as are some doctors and modern medical marvels), but too much science is mediocre or just bad.

I combine my knowledge of traditional wisdom and robust modern day science to help people heal from the SAD (standard American diet) and a rat race life.  To serve as many people as possible, I created this low priced monthly subscription based Masterclass series.

For just $23 per month, you will have immediate access to the previous 2 Master Classes and access to the upcoming Live class held in the VIP Facebook group this Sunday, June 2 at 6:00p EDT.

As an Optimal Health with Grace VIP MasterClass member, you will also receive random Facebook Live training sessions and the chance to win other VIP bonus giveaways!

Increase your energy by making small everyday changes to your lifestyle habits. Learn how to easily make these habit changes by joining my monthly MasterClass series.  

Enrollment closes on Sunday, June 2!

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Course Syllabus

How to successfully reduce sugar in your diet without focusing on deprivation or willpower.

Sugar addiction is a real thing and breaking it can be tough as kicking heroine. Learn how sugar is negatively affecting your health and how to successfully reduce the amount of sugar you consume without focusing on quitting. No deprivation or willpower needed! This masterclass will run live in the Optimal Health with Grace VIP Masterclass Facebook group on Sunday, April 14th. and uploaded to the course portal by Tuesday, April 16th.

How to successfully reduce grains in your diet without without focusing on deprivation or willpower.

The date of this live May Masterclass will be announced at the end of April 2019! The class will be uploaded to the course portal within 2 days of the live viewing.

How to successfully increase the amount probiotics you and your family consume without expensive supplements.

The date for live June Masterclass will be announced by the end of May 2019! The class will be uploaded to this course portal within 2 days of the live class.